A user on a password-protected white supremacist forum called for the white supremacist community to engage in leaderless, lone wolf attacks targeting government officials and prominent Jews in order to bring about the collapse of society and government. The poster, writing on January 21, 2011, identified Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and National Director of the Anti-Defamation League Abraham Foxman as two initial targets, writing "we would be looking, every day, [at] 5 or 6 separate hits, one day its the federal reserve chairman, next day someone gets Abe Foxman, next day someone gets Jew banker A, B, and C."

This call for violence follows closely on the heels of an earlier post by the same user linking to an article with advice for individuals considering lone wolf attacks. The author of the guidelines, an administrator on the site where it appeared on December 23, 2010, claimed that the failures of the pro-white movement lead him to conclude that the only hope for their agenda is in individuals carrying out attacks independently or in small groups, claiming "I do not give one single remote damn about the 'rights' of any nigger, Jew, abortionist, bureaucrat or whoever."

The article to which the user linked, titled "Advice for 'Lone Wolves'", gives operational guidelines for plotters to reduce their chances of being caught, thereby undermining their ability to continue a spree of attacks. The guidelines include avoiding committing crimes other than the planned attacks so as to minimize the chances of being caught for an unrelated crime, blending into mainstream society by avoiding getting tattoos or other distinctive markings, and withstanding the temptation to issue communiqués claiming responsibility for attacks so that one does not inadvertently pass information to security officials.

Lone wolf attacks have been a recent discussion on skinhead forums after a member posted a letter from Gary Lee Yarborough, an imprisoned leader of an armed white supremacist movement. These discussions are detailed in the January 20, 2011 preview of the SITE Monitoring Service – White Supremacist Threats (WST).

The call for violence and article presenting guidelines for lone wolf attacks follow:

Responding to a discussion about a perceived genocide of the white race, a member on a password-protected white supremacist forum declared that the government must be stopped from carrying out alleged policies designed to undermine whites. His solution calls for white supremacists to rise up and engage in leaderless, but widespread, armed attacks against Jewish public officials and business leaders, writing:

"What we need is [sic] 1000s of lone wolves acting independently, striking separate targets, lots of the big name Jews will start finding themselves eliminated. It will spark so much chaos and fear that I don't know if the government will be able to sustain itself. We would be looking, every day, 5 or 6 separate hits, one day its the federal reserve chairman, next day someone gets Abe Foxman, next day someone gets Jew banker A, B and C.

"Out of that 70,000,000 +, all we need is a few thousand pissed off enough, and desperate enough to put everything on the line. There isn't a race on this planet that fights as hard and as dirty as we do when we are backed in a corner.

"Just one lone wolf, or a dozen over a number of years wont do much and they would be basically giving up their life and at the end of the day their race isn't any better off.

"All out paramilitary revolt is the only solution."

In addition, several weeks earlier, on January 5, 2011, the poster also directed members to an article giving advice to those contemplating lone wolf attacks. The article stresses acting alone; not giving external indicators of white supremacist ideology; and avoiding unrelated crimes, such as robbery or traffic violations, that might result in discovery and capture of the operative. Finally, the author, warns potential operatives to view themselves as expendable to the white supremacist cause, and above all, not to get caught and "grovel" for forgiveness.

The article "Advice for 'Lone Wolves'" is reproduced below as it appeared on a white supremacist website on December 23, 2010:

"Given the complete failure of the so-called pro-white "Movement," for the past thirty years, to produce any results whatsoever, and barring some kind of total change in economic and social conditions which might allow for the rise of a genuine White mass movement, it would appear that our only real hope lies in small numbers of people acting individually or in very small groups. (Clarification for all you keyboard commandos: "acting" means getting out from behind your computer keyboards, message forums and actually DOING something.) This is what Louis Beam and Tom Metzger have called "Leaderless Resistance." The most recent example of this type of activity is the sharpshooter who wasted that Jew abortionist in New York, but single and cellular resistance does not necessarily have to include fatality or even illegality. I'm not going to bother to put in the usual disclaimers this time, because I think things have reached the point where if the Feds want to get me for something I write they're going to get me and disclaimers won't matter. My concern is that if and when any of you decide to finally come out from behind the computers and act, you don't end up in the living hell of this country's prison system. I do not give one single remote damn about the "rights" of any nigger, Jew, abortionist, bureaucrat or whoever. All I am concerned about is the welfare of White people, and that is as it should be.

"1. ACT ALONE, and I do mean ALONE. I see no need even for a "cell"; what two know, one can tell. Do not tell ANYONE AT ALL what you have done or are planning to do. Do not tell your wife, your buddies, your priest, NO ONE. Do not take notes or leave any written records, diaries, or anything of the kind. Remove yourself as much as possible from human proximity and contact so that no one will be able to notice things about you, when you come and go, the make and license number of your car, and so no one can walk in on you in your garage while you're feeding the Federal Reserve Chairman into the wood chipper or whatever. What no one sees, no one can rat about. What no one knows, no one can tell.

"2. DO NOT ROB BANKS or Pizza Huts or Quickie Marts to obtain funds for your activities. The kind of thing you will most likely want to do is not really very expensive, and you can raise enough money through working for the items of equipment you will need. What you DO need is a job which is intermittent, seasonal, or which allows you to travel, which has flexible scheduling, etc. so you will have the TIME to engage in revolutionary acts. Keep collateral illegality, like say stealing license plates to disguise a vehicle or a vehicle itself, to a minimum. Every illegal act you commit is another thread law enforcement can pull on to guide them back to you; you might end up wiping out your entire local liberal �lite but get busted for a stolen license plate or knocking off a convenience store. On the same subject: make sure all vehicles you drive are legal, inspection and registrations and tags up to date, no tail lights out or anything wrong with the car. Don't speed, don't run red lights, don't plaster your car with bumper stickers, etc. The fugitive and/or urban guerrilla's worst danger is the ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOP. Ask the Kehoe brothers.

"3 Act Silently. Do not send letters or make phone calls to the media boasting or claiming credit for your deeds, calling yourself the "Aryan Revolutionary Strike Force" or nonsense like that. Any such communication is a link between you and the thought police; they will analyze it, dissect it, voice-print it, spectroscope it, computer-digitize it or whatever and get every last iota of information about you from it they possibly can, traces you have left without knowing it which will identify you or your location, anything they can use to trace it back to you. You are not smart enough to beat their high forensic technology; your hope of evasion lies in giving them as little as possible to work with. Besides, the psychological impact of silent action without fanfare, quiet and deadly and unexpected, is far greater than shrill boasting or chest-beating. There will be no need to explain to anyone that you are a White resistance fighter. Believe me, they'll know, and for their own purposes the Judeo-liberal media will shriek it from the rooftops, viz. Eric Rudolph , Canadian marksman and others still on the run.

"4. DO NOT DEFACE YOUR BODY WITH TATTOOS! Joseph Paul Franklin was ratted out by an emergency room nurse who recognized his tattoos. Placing a permanent, identifying mark on your body is just about the stupidest thing a young White man or woman can do. If you already have a tattoo, go get a second job at the Quickie Mart or whatever you have to do to raise the money and get it removed by laser. This will leave a scar, true, but still an unidentifiable blob of scar tissue is not the same kind of dead giveaway as a tattoo of a Confederate flag or whatever. (This is advise specifically for those whom have no identifying marks on their bodies whom are considering the life actions of a lone -wolf and in no way degrades individuals whom have already decorated their bodies with tattoos.)

"5. UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE EXPENDABLE. The one thing that this society can never, ever forgive---never AFFORD to forgive---is any act of direct resistance to The Iron Heel, even legal ones if they prove effective. They don't mind us sending little cut-and-paste newsletters to each other but they do keep an eye on us and any time it looks as if we might be getting together to form some kind of effective resistance, action is taken (an FBI agent told me that once). But if you actually strike a blow that causes genuine damage to the real enemy, they will NEVER, ever stop hunting you. They can't AFFORD to let anyone get away with actually hitting them; the other peasants might start getting ideas. Ask Sam Bowers or Byron De La Beckwith or some of these old Eastern European immigrants they are now dragging back to Europe to be tortured to death. Ask that poor bastard Walter Moody whom they framed for sending those package bombs in 1990 to the judge in Alabama and that NAACP nigger; as near as I can figure Moody was victimized simply because the Feds HAD to have a conviction, COULD NOT afford to let such a bold blow be seen to go unpunished. I personally think the real bomber is still out there and was smart enough to knock it off once he realized the FEDs were handing him a pass. In this society, at present, to resist seriously (i.e. actually to interfere with The Agenda in some way) is an act of suicide. You must accept in your own mind, before you begin, that you are committing suicide just as effectively as if you threw yourself in front of an oncoming train. In this struggle of ours we seem possessed of this completely off base idea that it is possible to DABBLE in racial politics; this hobbyist approach is the cause of most of our problems. Direct, active resistance is not a TV movie, although they may make a TV movie about you some day. You won't be around to see it if they do, or if you are then you will be suffering like an animal in one of those places which our Lords and Masters seem to have erected solely for the purpose of ensuring their own damnation . Once you begin active resistance, you will NOT be able to say "stop the merry-go-round, I want to get off!"

"6. Whatever you do, DON'T GROVEL! It is far, far better that you spend the rest of your life sitting in front of that tube swilling beer and doing nothing, than you attempt to do something, get caught, and grovel like a whipped dog in court and in the media in a hopeless bid for a mercy you will not receive. I of all people know how difficult it is to get Generation X-ers to THINK about anything. What worries me is that we are going to have incidents of "Beavis and Butthead Do The Revolution." Beavis and Butthead are going to get caught doing something really, really stupid, and Beavis and Butthead are going to become yet one more excruciating embarrassment to us all when they grovel and weep and wail and plead for mercy, renounce their evil racism for the TV cameras, talk about how they have found JEEEEEE-ZUS in prison and come to love minorities, etc. I would rather that no White man ever raised his hand in resistance again rather than go through another one of these disgusting spectacles. If our race is going to die, at least let us die with dignity!"